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Searching for the best guide to getting your free samples? We got them all here. If you are looking for free product samples without strings attached, or how to get free samples, you are welcomed. Who doesn’t love free samples? It gives everyone an opportunity to try and test products before buying. This website gives you the chance to get free free samples online, free cosmetic samples, free baby product samples, free hair samples and you can also get free samples Worldwide. Here we give you some basic ideas and things to take into consideration if you are a freebie fan and plans to get free samples. Though, they are not the standard rules for getting free product samples, just natural common sense to help people who are in desperate need of those free samples.

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1 – Before requesting for free product samples, try to read and understand the basic rules and requirements so you don’t mess things up before you even started.

2 – You should know that, just because they are free and given freely does not mean abusing the program, or trying to use it for profit purposes.

3 – It’s meaningless and irresponsible getting free samples that you do not actually need hence, denying others the opportunity of finding quality free sample for themselves.

4 – It is recommended to get only the free samples you need. Much as you well know that free product samples could be found in every company, but they are scattered in every nook and cranny of the country therefore, you must have to find a means of locating them. Some people are exceptionally born with good hearts and really cares for those who are not privileged to have basic things in life.

5 – Computer and modern technology has made things easier. Now you can easily get all the free samples you need from local providers and its also possible to get free samples from overseas though, there maybe some technical issues in sending free samples abroad, but the overall mission is the same – helping those who otherwise could not afford to buy those items Besides, general terms and conditions might differ depending on the company policies.

6 – To simply issues, most intended free samples are marked with “No resale” signs boldly visible at the back of the packages. Therefore, collecting such free samples with the intention of reselling then to make quick cash is a clear violation of company policies and could land you into serious trouble. You should never practice that. Be kind, honest and sincere enough to appreciate
the unconditional love and kindness of people giving away the free samples.

7 – Study has proven, that the best way to enjoy companies best quality free samples is to be fair to the companies and sometimes purchase their new products through promotions or in department stores – if you can afford. However, most companies are now using free sample programs as promotional tools to introduce new products and also to improve marketing of their old products.

8 – You have to provide your email address to access the free samples. However, some people have gotten smarter by creating special email accounts just for free samples. As expected, it helps them to avoid spam emails from freebie companies. Your mailing info includes your name, street address, city, state or province, country, and zip code. Don’t give them out if your not sure.

9 – Some free samples providers may require you to provide more personal information such as your home or office address or even phone number. You have to take your privacy into consideration before compromising with free samples.

10 – You must make sure that the free samples are legitimate. Therefore, try to use legit and trusted freebie providers as your free samples source because they have already read the terms and conditions and investigated every free sample offer before posting them out.

11 – To check eligibility, some free sample providers may ask for your birth date. Don’t panic, they want to make sure you are of eligible age to receive free samples. Also they can send you a special birthday sample and coupon for your shopping.

12 – Never provide your credit card information to any free samples provider. If you do, it could provide them with your information, personal identity, and credit card number, and before you knew it, some criminals and hackers associated with freebies will get your credit card information and eventually do some damages.

13 – You should never give out your Social Security Number. Any legitimate free sample provider will not need SS number. Therefore, any company asking for your Social Security Number is a scam, and you should run away from such company.

14 – Kindly note that the best way to avoid fake free samples is to work with a well-known and trusted website. However, such free sample providers always read and abide by the terms and conditions and investigate each and every free offer before posting it for their members. Don’t believe too good to be true offers.

15 – Some freebie companies will give you free samples, if only you can go there personally and pick them up. Good idea though. There are several companies like Costco giving away free food samples. If you go there, they have employees handing out free samples to everyone.

16 – Sephora is one of the best companies that provides their customers with free beauty product samples. The best free sample to get your hands on are makeup samples. Good for the ladies because several cosmetic stores and beauty companies offer free samples of their products for the ladies to try in privacy at home.

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Note! One thing a legitimate free sample provider should never ask for is money or credit card information. Any company requesting for your Social Security Number or credit card information before sending you a free sample is a scam, and you should run as fast as you possibly could. Final note! Avoid too good to be true free sample offers.