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Looking for free promotional pen samples? You are not alone, who doesn’t want to use new products especially when it relates to writing materials – pens, pencils and more. There has been several innovative ideas on pens and some manufacturers has been offering personalized pens to customers as a promotional tool to introduce a new invention. Now you can easily receive a free custom personalized pens or other promotional products directly from the manufacturers without surveys or paying anything. Promotional items should not be confused with free stuff and free samples, though they are all marketing tools used to lure in potential new customers. Promotional products are articles of merchandise used in marketing and communication programs. They are given away to promote a company, corporate image, brand, or event at trade shows. Promotional merchandise is mainly purchased by corporate companies through promotional merchandise distributor companies. They are custom printed with a logo, company name or message usually in specific colors.


Distributors help end-users gather artwork in the correct format and in some cases, distributors might create artwork for end-users. Distributors then interface with manufacturers, printers or suppliers, forwarding artwork in the correct format and correct size for the job. Since distributors are well aware of several manufacturers’ capabilities, they save an end-user time and money searching for a printer or manufacturer who can produce and ship the end-user’s products on time, and in the required quantities.


From the description and processes involved, promotional pens entails a high production cost, hence the high price. But several companies are now giving away free promotional pens to introduce the new writing material to the general public. However, promotional merchandise is used globally to promote quality brands, new products, corporate identity and many more. They are also used as free samples and free giveaways at trade show events. Promotional products can be used for non-profit organizations to promote some events that they hold. With the advent of computer technology, any item can be branded with a company’s name or logo and used for promotional purposes.


Most Commonly used items are pens, t-shirts, caps, key chains, posters, bumper stickers, mugs, or anything that is easily noticed. If you like to get free promotional pen or custom pens, or any kind of free product sample, we have made it easy for you, just browse the pages and post, follow the links and abide by all rules and regulations and you can receive free promotional pens or personalized custom pens without surveys or spending any money.

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