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Looking for free promotional pen samples? You are not alone, who doesn’t want to use new products especially when it relates to writing materials – pens, pencils and more. There has been several innovative ideas on pens and some manufacturers has been offering personalized pens to customers as a promotional tool to introduce a new invention. Now you can easily receive a free custom personalized pens or other promotional products directly from the manufacturers without surveys or paying anything. Promotional items should not be confused with free stuff and free samples, though they are all marketing tools used to lure in potential new customers. Promotional products are articles of merchandise used in marketing and communication programs. They are given away to promote a company, corporate image, brand, or event at trade shows. Promotional merchandise is mainly purchased by corporate companies through promotional merchandise distributor companies. They are custom printed with a logo, company name or message usually in specific colors.


Distributors help end-users gather artwork in the correct format and in some cases, distributors might create artwork for end-users. Distributors then interface with manufacturers, printers or suppliers, forwarding artwork in the correct format and correct size for the job. Since distributors are well aware of several manufacturers’ capabilities, they save an end-user time and money searching for a printer or manufacturer who can produce and ship the end-user’s products on time, and in the required quantities.


From the description and processes involved, promotional pens entails a high production cost, hence the high price. But several companies are now giving away free promotional pens to introduce the new writing material to the general public. However, promotional merchandise is used globally to promote quality brands, new products, corporate identity and many more. They are also used as free samples and free giveaways at trade show events. Promotional products can be used for non-profit organizations to promote some events that they hold. With the advent of computer technology, any item can be branded with a company’s name or logo and used for promotional purposes.


Most Commonly used items are pens, t-shirts, caps, key chains, posters, bumper stickers, mugs, or anything that is easily noticed. If you like to get free promotional pen or custom pens, or any kind of free product sample, we have made it easy for you, just browse the pages and post, follow the links and abide by all rules and regulations and you can receive free promotional pens or personalized custom pens without surveys or spending any money.

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How To Get Free Product Samples Without Conditions

Get free samples by mail without surveys or paying. Did you know you can get free baby product samples, free hair product samples, and free beauty product samples from the companies without purchasing anything? With the advent of internet and technology, anybody can get free product samples as long as you know where and how to get them online. Are you a work at home mother engaged in home based business? Are you struggling to make ends meet with your normal day job, or just moved up to middle class status? You can save a lot of money by requesting for top quality free samples from reputable companies who sends out free promotional products to consumers on regular basis to test their new brands and lure new potential customers. Did you know that some smart people are making a living on free product samples? Though most people do not believe internet stories, but, believe it or not, it’s happening and only those who knew how and where to find the free samples are enjoying the privilege.

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Top Websites that Gives Out Free Samples Without Surveys

1 – Thousands of free product samples are offered and can be obtained on the internet but only if you know how to search with the right niche or content. The magic here is to know what kind of free samples you are looking for and which legit websites to find them. If you know the free samples you need, search engines and websites to browse, it’s possible to find and get all your favorite free product samples without taking surveys or purchasing anything.

2 – Not everyone knows how to get free samples, some people complain they have been requesting and signing up for different kinds of free samples in many companies, but still haven’t received anything. Well, nothing to lose, keep trying if you really want free samples regularly.

3 – Find out about some of the ways that have been used successfully by other free sample enthusiasts. You can apply the same or device your own means that suits the kind of free product samples you are looking for. Bottom line is to get your desired free product samples.

4 – Several sites distributes a good number of free samples that can be sent locally. Enter the phrase “free product samples” into your search box. You would be surprised to see list of legit sites where you can find top free product samples without conditions.

5 – Use any search engine available in your computer. If you are looking for a particular free sample, but cannot find it, enter the exact content (product name) in search engine. Product names are categorized in every search engine.

6- The smartest trick is to enter the item you are looking for into the search box along with the word “free” either before or after. The word “free” is a major keyword searched and used in every search engine.

7 – If you do not receive a good results, it means there are no free samples listed in such item or products. However, you can modify your search by entering the term “+ free” enclosing your phrase with quotation marks. Obviously this will limit your results to the specific item you are looking for.

8 – One of the first steps on how to get free product samples is by being precise as to what sample you really need. However, giving out free samples has proven profitable as companies use it as promotional tools to test their new inventions in particular hence, providing broad selection of opportunities, and giving the public the luxury of being selective. You can opt for quality free samples.

9 – Make a list of free product samples you really want. By having a list of things you are most interested in finding, the search becomes easier and saves you time and even money. Although some resources provide actual free samples or links to where the free samples can be found, others are more focused on one or a few specific things. Therefore, if you know what kind of sample you want or need, you have a much better chance of completing a successful search and getting the right product samples you need.

10 – You must have to consider all possible resources available. One of the more obvious is the internet where literally hundreds of websites offering free samples can be found. While the internet is without doubt a wealth of opportunity, it is not the only place to consider when searching for free samples. There are companies that provide free samples for a variety of things simply by registering directly on the company’s website. Though there might be some conditions, such as surveys etc, but most are optional.

11 – A great option on how to find free samples would be to ask friends or solicit for free samples information. However, because this has become a popular way of getting free samples, many people can share an experience and provide the place where they were able to obtain quality free samples. If you know of someone who does this, it would be helpful to ask names of specific resources or even companies that you too could search on and probably obtain your own free samples without wasting much time and money.

12 – Another example on how to get free samples by providing a service is with opinions. Seriously, marketing companies look for dedicated people to provide opinions on products or services used. The information is then used to determine marketability of a product or service, which makes it possible for a powerful marketing strategy to be developed. For providing an opinion, you would again be paid money or sent a gift card, given a discount, or provided with an actual tangible gifts.

13 – To be more precise, sign in with a free email account and use it just for your free samples hunting. It’s not recommendable to use your personal email address when signing up for free samples because the advertisers will flood your inbox with spam mails, and nobody likes to see thousands of useless mails in their inbox.

14 – Get a free phone number from Google voice and use it just for your free samples hunting. Do not give out your own personal phone number when signing up for freebies, to avoid those annoying solicitation calls from inquisitive callers, and telemarketing companies soliciting for virtual customers.

15 – There is no limit as to how many free samples you can apply for therefore, sign up for as many free offers as you can get, because not every offer will deliver. Make it a habit to sign up for as many offers as possible to increase your chances of getting all your offers, or at least ninety percent of them.

16 – Most people tends to be in a hurry and wanted the samples urgently, hence cannot wait for long time. You must have to be patient. Most free samples take a long time to deliver, in some cases, it can take up to weeks or even months to deliver. Therefore, apply for offers at different intervals so you could receive them at different dates. Don’t forget to appreciate and acknowledge receipt of your free samples whenever it arrived, so the company would be compelled to send you more free samples regularly.

17 – If you still cannot find your favorite free product samples after exhausting all avenues, try contacting other free sample lovers and hunters who have shared their experience online or at the company websites. You might as well go back to the basic and learn the fundamentals all over again.

18 – Don’t venture to abuse the program. That they are free does not mean applying for all the offers with the intention of selling them in your stores for additional cash. Though most of the free samples are visibly marked with the word “Free, Not For Sale”, therefore, do not apply for free samples with the intention of selling them for a quick cash. Get only the free samples you want, and give others the opportunity to enjoy the program.

19 – Even if you are well to do, and do not need free samples, you could become a local hero by helping the poor and homeless get quality free product samples.

20 – There are several people out there with no internet access, hence cannot get free samples even if they needed it more than anybody else. You could use your computer and internet connection to receive as many free product samples and other freebies as you can and share to those poor and homeless people with no house address and no internet access to get free samples. However, Many companies would be glad to assist if your intention of requesting for free samples was to share to poor and homeless people.

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